Monday, July 01, 2013

On traveling, people watching, and grown up conversations

I spent roughly 14 hours traveling yesterday, it sucked.  Airports, planes, trams, and a van.  Usually when traveling I have no desire to meet people, talk to people, or have anything but absolutely minimum necessary interactions with people.  This is evidenced by the fact that when I pack, my 3 most crucial items are big black sunglasses, a large book, and my ipod, with huge DJ style head phones.  One thing I love about traveling is the people watching, especially at the arrivals area, it can be heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. 

The two bright spots on my odyssey home were meeting my fabulous friend Princess OFD in a restaurant at MSP for lunch and excellent conversation, and an uncommonly good conversation with a stranger on my flight home.

Yes, yesterday I broke my own cardinal rule of travel survival and allowed myself to meet and talk to Travis from BFMinnesota.  He is a new owner in a Buffalo Wild Wings franchise in Northern Minnesota and a former police K9 handler.  We had an interesting conversation about dogs, horses, books, marriages, kids, restaurants, blogs, people, work, discipline, friendship, and life on our flight from MSP to SLC.  Having stimulating grown up conversation (after a week spent chasing kids around a theme park) made the time fly by.  He jokingly asked if I would blog about it, so I did.  Travis?  Suzanne from BFUtah says "hi" and I hope your time in Casper, WY flies by so you can go home and spend some quality time with your wife and kids. 

If your fabulous assistant every searches the interwebz for my blog (you should get over your fear of the internet, it will get you one day, just embrace it now and get it over with) I want to tell you something. Since you gave me some brutally honest brotherly advice, I'd like to give you some brutally honest sisterly advice in return.  You may be a catch, but maybe your wife has forgotten that she too is a catch.  Sometimes we women get tired, frustrated, mean, ornery, and just plain worn out.  Unfortunately when that happens we usually take it out and the ones closest to us...this is also usually when we are at are most fragile point.  So try to go easy on her.  Try to be kind, gentle, patient, tolerant, and understanding.  Most of all, try to help her to remember that she was and still is a good catch.  Speaking as one with the battle scars from a crash & burn marriage, it could help.

With that said, this story pirate will shut up now.  Travis, let me know if you ever find this virtual message in a bottle, and good luck.

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