Monday, August 26, 2013


Change is the only constant.  You don't have to like it but you do have to accept that it is inevitable.  Take for instance the changes coming with the implementation of the health care act ("Obamacare" if you will).  Our current health care system is broken, we can all admit that, it is really more of a grotesquely bloated sick care system that is expensive and inefficient.  I'm excited that our government recognized that something needed to be done and that they worked on creating change in the health care system, but the new changes are already affecting me in negative ways.

3 years ago when I was looking around for a new job every single job I interviewed for offered medical and dental insurance as part of the compensation package.  During my current job search I have had only 3 interviews at institutions that offered insurance as part of the deal, compared to a whopping 10 that do not offer any type of insurance or health plan.  The reason for this?  With the new mandate that employers provide insurance, many small companies have found that it is actually cheaper to stop providing insurance altogether and just pay the fine, than it is to pay for insurance for their workers.

I sincerely hope that instead of complaining, we actually take action.  Don't like how the new health care laws are going to affect you?  Write your senators and representatives.  And don't just bitch and moan about what you don't like, give them a reasonable solution.  In the case pointed out above I'd say they need to make the fine cost more than providing insurance, a fine is supposed to be a punishment...not an easy way out of something more burdensome.

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