Monday, September 16, 2013

In Praise Of Pickles

My two months of funemployment allowed me to help my mother with a lot of her fall canning and bottling.  I was put to work picking fruits and veggies, snapping beans, blanching corn, and peeling peaches.  This year mom wasn't going to put up any pickles, but since home made dill pickles make the best pickle soup, I talked her into helping me put up 7 quart jars of dills.

Pickles are rather humble in appearance, especially the name brand varieties floating alone in neon green pickle brine on a sterile grocery store shelf.  Unless they are made at home.  We stuffed our jars full of pickling cucumbers, whole dill weed, and chopped onions before pouring in the brine and sealing them up.  There is something beautifully rustic about them and I couldn't help by snap a few shots before putting them up on their storage shelf.

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