Sunday, September 29, 2013

Introducing Elwin

Sorry for the radio silence.  Between learning the new job, keeping up with the old part time jobs, family events, car shopping, and trying to keep on top of house work I've been a little burned out lately.  The good news is that I can cross one of those items off my to-do list, meet Elwin Dickson.

Elwin and I are very happy together, and we have an agreement.  That agreement is that even if I give him car cancer, like I tend to do, he's going to survive for another 20 years because I really can't handle car shopping again any time soon.

My little sister helped me take the photos of Elwin and me.  Her son T came with us and I took a few photos of him while we were out and about.

As with any serious long term relationship, things aren't really official until he's been introduced to my family and spent some time with me up at the cabin.  This weekend I took my dad and my niece K. and nephew T. up to the cabin so we could close it up for the winter.  We drained the water, hung the shutters, and refilled the murder bucket.  We also made the ritual pilgrimage up to the spring to fill our cups one last time before winter.

Elwin has started to make some sound that concern me, but I'm going to get him checked out by an independent, third party Subaru mechanic to see if it is something I should be worried about or it if is nothing.  If it is a problem I may have to take him back to the dealership.

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