Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Oh English, You So Crazy

So apparently there really isn't a good way to abbreviate cockroach when you are writing a shorthand note for a pest control technician.  Either it comes out sounding like a drug reference or sexual harassment.  I was musing about this on facebook when a friend from Ireland commented that it isn't the only word that has that problem.

First American Title is a land title insurance underwriter.  In the title insurance world most people refer to them as FATCO, not a great abbreviation, but not the worst either.  A few years back FATCO purchased Associated title.  Everyone joked that the name after the merger should be FATASS.

My friend J. from Ireland pointed out that "assorted" also has a similar issue when abbreviated.  She kindly presented photographic proof.

I wonder if they are made from real ass, or just taste like ass.
Which of course made me think of this song by the band Gaelic Storm.

Which I find hilarious because I'm really just 12 years old at heart.

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