Thursday, September 19, 2013

She's A Beaut!

Little D. aka Lucky #14
Earlier this week my brother J.'s wife gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl.  Mom and daughter are doing very well and we're all over the moon for them.

I stopped by the hospital to hold the wee one and to take a couple photos.  On my way out, the nurse at the front desk made me open my camera bag to make sure I wasn't smuggling out someone's baby.  Seriously people why would I take a baby when you have good drugs there for the taking instead?  I kid...sort of.

And of course Little D. is happy to be here and I'm sure she's ecstatic that today is her very first International Talk Like A Pirate Day...even though she can't really talk, and doesn't know what a pirate is.  Ecstatic I tell ye, arrrrg.

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