Thursday, September 12, 2013

Stuff, Stuff, and a Giveaway - Winner!

Congratulations to the winner Christopher S.!

This blogger is now officially employed full time once again.  I accepted a position with a local company here in Cache Valley.  I have to fill out some paper work today and will be there for part of the day, but my first full day is Monday.  I'm really relieved to have a full time job and to be doing something useful again.

Yesterday was my last full day of funemployment.  I celebrated by having my last weekday sleep in, doing all my laundry, going shopping, running errands, reading a short story, having lunch with a friend, and planning a last minute photo shoot.  

Liz from Butcher's Bunches liked the photographs that I took of her sipping jars so much that she used them on her website and has now commissioned me to photograph her latest jam creation.  She wanted me to come up with a few images that gelled with the style of photography and food styling of the other product photos on her site, but beyond that she let me have free rein.

I edited the customer's top 5 choices from the proofs.  Then, with her permission, I posted the proofs on facebook and asked my friends to vote on their favorites.  I edited the 4 that got the most facebook votes, then I chose one for myself to edit.  I've included the number of each photograph so the people who voted can see if their favorite made it.

The new jam is called Ciao This! and it is a balsamic, strawberry, blackberry, fig, and date low sugar jam.  It is tangy, earthy, and lightly sweet.  The jam has a wonderfully smooth and pourable texture.  I really loved it with cream cheese on a slice of bread.  

Liz gave me two jars of Ciao This! jam for the shoot.  One jar was for the beauty shots and the other was for me to open, try, and do the messy food shots with.  She let me keep both jars, so I'm keeping the opened one for myself and giving away the other one.  If you want to win a jar of Ciao This! jam just leave your first name and email address in a comment below before Thursday, September 12th at 6pm MST.  I can only ship within the lower 48 states, sorry!

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