Sunday, September 15, 2013

Summer Camera Clean Out

I carry a small camera in my purse.  I bought this camera when my other pocket camera died because I needed a small camera to take on vacation with me last October when I went to Hawaii with my dad (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here).

Ever since I received my first digital SLR, the point and shoot has kind of just lurked in the bottom of my camelbak bag, only to be brought out when the SLR wasn't available or was too heavy to carry.  It has been collecting memories of my summer and I just now got around to uploading the photos.

Here are some photos from a trip I took to Orlando, Florida with my brother D. and his family.  D. was attending the Cisco Live conference and I helped his wife look after their kids while he was there.  When he had time we all went to amusement parks together.  I didn't dare get my camera out on most of the rides and most of the time I just focused on spending time with my brother's family.

One of the kids favorite thing to do was search for tiny frogs, lizards, and wild bunnies in the landscaping around our hotel.

She loved the kids rides at Universal Studios.  I preferred the  Islands of Adventures.

At the magic kingdom.

Waiting out the pouring rain at the magic kingdom.  It was really hard to show just how hard it was raining.
Apparently in central Florida in the summer it storms every day for a couple of hours.  One Disney park employee told us that Orlando had recently been named the lightening strike capital of the US.
I can manage a lot of theme park rides, the Mad Hatter's Tea Party isn't one of them.
And here is a hike I went on with my long lost hiking buddy B.  She moved to Las Vegas last year and was just in town for a visit so we decided to hit Crimson Trail in Logan Canyon.

And here are a couple shots of a sunset.  Our sunsets have been intense with all the smoke from the fires burning around the area.

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