Wednesday, October 02, 2013

For Your Consideration

I know a lot of people who are very passionate about their causes.  Two of my friends have devoted their lives to helping animals.  Both of them are looking to raise funds and support right now for different projects and I wish them well and want to help spread the word.  If you're an animal lover and looking to spread a few random acts of kindness, here are two different crowdsource fundraisers you might want to consider.

Tommy and Odin
The first is my friend Caitlin.  She was raised in a household that always had dogs.  She's loved them from a very young age and believes that once you bring an animal into your home it is a part of your family for life.  Caitlin and her fiance Tommy have a Rottweiler that is in need of some serious help and they can't finance the cure on their own.  They are getting married a week from Saturday and donating even a little to help their Odin would be a wonderful wedding gift.  Read about their story here, make sure to scroll down and click on the older updates, the second one if my favorite part of the story:

The second is my friend Yvette and her YNot Save A Sam project.  She basically runs a one woman Samoyed rescue out of her house, although she wouldn't call it a rescue herself.  She takes in and fosters at risk and abused Samoyeds that she feels have no other safe place to go, cleans them up, gets them checked out and updated on everything they need from a veterinarian, gets them healthy, and then networks until she finds them a safe and loving home.  This is her first effort at fundraising, up until this point she has been paying for everything out of her own pocket.  Taking in these animals and caring for them is basically a full time, unpaid, and under appreciated job for her but she does it because she loves the breed and wants to help these animals.  You can check out her current project here:

What are you passionate about?

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