Saturday, October 05, 2013

Ironman World Championship and Other Thoughts

It's hard to believe that next Saturday it will be one year since I watch the 2012 Ironman World Championship live in Kona.  It was an unbelievably amazing day spent watching awe inspiring people achieve one of the most difficult physical accomplishments in professional sports.  I have never felt so much positive energy and such a large scale outpouring of love in my entire life.  This year I will be in Minnesota at a friend's wedding, but my heart will be in Kona on race day, cheering the athletes on in spirit.  Here's a little music to get in you the Aloha spirit for race day next week:

And here's some shots of the lovely fall foliage we've been experiencing here in Utah this week and a beautiful sunset over the Great Salt Lake.  I was lucky enough to pull over and see this sunset in the lightly falling rain a few days ago.  It was a wonderfully zen moment that, what with everything that has been going on this week, was badly needed and greatly appreciated.

If you are in Cache Valley this weekend it would be a perfect time to take a leisurely drive through the valley to enjoy the autumn sites.  I highly recommend the drive South to Paradise and Porcupine Dam.  The Kokanee salmon run will be over by now, but the drive around the reservoir is still a lot of fun and you can turn around at the gate to Cinnamon Creek Campground.  Make sure to stop at Paradise Valley Orchard.  PVO currently has apples, fresh pressed cider (my favorite blend in the valley), and garlic for planting.  Check out their facebook page.

On your way back through Paradise you should stop and have dinner or lunch at the recently re-opened Cracker Barrel Cafe.  My friend Lisa over at Lisa Loves Logan tried them out during one of their soft openings and really liked the food.  I'm hoping to make it out there soon for dinner.  For more information check out the recent Herald Journal article on the CBC.

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