Friday, October 18, 2013

Sheldon's Quest For World Domination - Part 10

When I last heard from Sheldon he was in Pittsburgh, having a great time without me.  With all the travelling he's done lately, you'd think he'd be exhausted and just want to hang out in one city for a while, you'd be wrong.

Last week I was in Minnesota for a friend's wedding.  Imagine my surprise when I joined the bridal party in the mother of the bride's suite and there was Sheldon trying to run the show.  He graciously agreed to accompany me and my friend Jane to the ceremony and reception.  He was a perfect gentleman.

Sheldon getting ready for the rehearsal with the cousin and mother of the bride.
He of course immediately started to take over when he decided that no one was listening to his suggestions.  His first step was to commandeer the champagne toast.
Ahhhh there, all lined up, much better.
The man knows how to pour a neat row of champagne glasses.  Since he doesn't imbibe he decided to take a break and check on the reception preparations downstairs.
He made sure to get each centerpiece EXACTLY in the center of the tables.
He measured all the place settings to ensure that they were equally spaced.
Then he couldn't help by take a turn practicing his speech.  We made sure to hide the microphone before he got to the actual reception.
He started greeting guests but we decided to leave that to the ushers and use his talents elsewhere.
He proofread the programs and couldn't find a single fault.
Then he took a quick tour of the ceremony area to make sure we had enough seats set up.
Back up in the bridal party suite he took a moment to enjoy the view from the balcony.  We were enjoying the last of the construction season in Minnesota, what other states refer to as "summer".
After all his party preparations he was a little pooped out and took a nap before things really kicked into high gear.
Of course he couldn't resist giving last minute advise to the bride before she walked down the aisle.
He sat next to our friend Jane and kept her company during the ceremony while I was off taking photos.
He couldn't wait for the party to start, here he is greeting people to the reception.
His hard work paid off, the table settings at the reception were beautiful and flawless.
He escorted me as my +1 to the reception.
Sheldon was the life of the conversation at our table.
He even managed to take a few minutes to congratulate the happy couple.
While he abstained from drinking, he did manage to get a little wild and crazy in his own way and ended up wearing some of the decorations.

I offered to let Sheldon ride home with me, but he declined.  He said he was enjoying the good folks of Minnesota and the sites and experiences in the Twin Cities too much to possibly consider leaving just yet.  I wished him well, and we went our separate ways.

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