Wednesday, November 27, 2013

HELP!!! - Happy Ending!

11/29/13 UPDATE!  We've found her, she's safe and sound and we were able to bring her home today.  When Logan City Animal Control picked her up they registered at the Humane Society as a MALE HUSKY with a collar with paw prints on it.  Yeah, not male, not a husky, and her collar does NOT have paw prints on it.  The difference between a husky and a malamute?  Female huskies can get to be about 50lbs, female malamutes can get to be 90 to 100 pounds, big difference.

We called Animal Control on Wednesday, spoke with dispatch.  They asked for our contact information and the description of the dog, which we gave to them in detail.  The dispatcher said she would have the animal control officer call us back.  I waited for him to call for two hours before I called again and asked to speak with office.  When he did finally call me back he said he would go to the animal impound and check to make sure that the "male husky" wasn't really a female malamute with the collar I described.  He told me "if I find something I'll call you, but if you don't hear from me tonight, it's not your dog."  I didn't hear from him.

I tried calling the Cache Humane Society several times Wednesday afternoon but they were closed early, then closed all day on Thanksgiving.  I went down there today and with our lost dog poster and described Sid to them and they let me back to see her.  They felt like I had presented satisfactory proof to claim her, but told me I had to fill out paperwork with the Logan City police/animal control before they could release her to me.  I took my SIL and nephew to the Logan City police station and they were closed.  I called the after hours number and I was told by a grumpy operator that I would just have to wait until Monday.

We collected some of Sid's things, her vaccination paperwork, and an open bag of her food, and took that down to the CHS so that she would be more comfortable and they wouldn't have to spend so much of their resources on keeping her.  We talked to the office staff again, this time the executive director was there and when he heard that the dispatcher had told us we'd have to just wait until Monday to take Sid home he said "No you won't, she's going home with you today."  He pulled out the paperwork for us to fill out, helped us fill out the cards, rang up the impound fees and got us out of there in less than ten minutes.

The staff at the Cache Humane Society was professional, helpful, kind, and did everything they could to make this situation as painless as possible.  We're grateful to them for everything they did.  If you want to find out more about their rescue and adoption programs, education courses, how to volunteer, learn about the other valuable community programs they offer, or find out how to donate to the CHS, please visit their website:

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who posted fliers, reposted this message, helped look for her, and gave suggestions.  We appreciate all your efforts, THANK YOU!!!

I got Sid and her family a little present to replace the one she lost.


We have a lost dog situation.

If you see a friendly large female malamute running loose in downtown Logan, please let me know ASAP!  My brother's family dog went missing earlier this week while they were away and they have been searching their neighborhood (at the base of temple hill) and can't find her.

Her name is Sidka and she is very social.  She has brown eyes, a black, grey, and white coat, and was wearing a light green collar with grey hexagonal shapes on it.  Her tags came off somewhere in the yard last week.

She will often vocalize when she spots someone and is sounds vaguely like she is howling the phrase "I WUV YOU!".  We have reported her missing to animal control and have contact the Human Society to see if they have her, but neither of them have called us with a response yet.


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