Friday, November 08, 2013

My Parents Were Awesome

There's a tumblr site called My Parents Were Awesome.  I love that site.  I always mean to submit an awesome photo of my parents but I never seem to have any available when I'm thinking about it. 

Tonight I found one of my father's journals and it made me think about that site again.  This particular journal was one he kept while in the Army Air Corps during WWII.  He wrote it while he was stationed in New Haven, Connecticut while attending officer's aviation engineering school (working on B29 bombers) at Yale from January 1944 to March of that same year.

This was the first entry I flipped to:

Glenn Miller was lost in action over the English Channel in December of that year. 
And another one:

When was the last time you had a hotel room and night out on the town for less than $3?  In New York?

Later that year he was one of many airmen to work on a top secret project to retrofit the superfortress bombers to carry the atomic bomb.  He doesn't talk about the war much, but when he does we all listen. 

Reading this journal really brought home how much alike my father and I were in our 20s.  We both loved going to concerts and movies, both willing to be the first person to jump on the chance for a weekend road trip, both loved walking around a city taking photos and then losing track of time and not going to bed until the wee small hours of the morning...only I have never been called on to serve my country or work on an extraordinary project that would change the course of a war.

If I ever have kids of my own and they think I'm even half as awesome as I think my dad is, then I can die a success.

Thank you for your service Dad, happy veterans day!

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Heather said...

...and they will because you will love them with the same strength your parents love you..