Monday, November 04, 2013

Shoshone Falls

Have you ever been to Shoshone Falls?  It is a waterfall located on the Snake River in Idaho, about 5 miles East of Twin Falls.  It is often referred to as the "Niagra of the West", but is actually 212 feet higher than Niagra Falls.

Shoshone Falls, Idaho by J. H. Stansfield (1911)
In the 1920's my great grandfather, Louis S. Cardon, was a realtor and property abstractor.  He ended up buying a lot of investment property and then flipping it, back before "flipping" was even a real estate term.  One of his purchases was a home in Logan that housed a very large painting of Shoshone Falls.  When he had the house cleaned out he brought the painting home and then had it mounted in the wall of his office, where it's remained to this day.

The painting is by a Utah artist named J. H. StansfieldThe Springville Museum of Art has several of his pieces and is interested in this one as well.  My father is considering donating this painting to their collection.   They have asked for photos of the painting, so I took some last week to send to them along with the approximate measurements.  I say approximate because I can't get under the frame to know how big the painting really is.  The frame measures out around 48" by 80".  Here are a few up close shots of the painting.

My favorite part of the painting on the side of the falls.  It's tough to spot in the larger photos, but there are some figures standing on the edge of the cliff.

This is one of the first paintings that I remember sparking my interest in art.  My parents filled our family office and their home with original paintings and I'm slowly following in their footsteps.  I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't miss this painting if it gets donated, but I'll be happy to see it in a museum where they can preserve it for future generations to enjoy. 

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