Sunday, November 17, 2013

Teeny Tiny Fun

My 2 year old nephew CJ was playing with some old plastic farm animal toys at my mother's house tonight.  We heard him say "Uh-oh" quickly followed by him running into the kitchen saying "Cow bwoke weg, get gwue an' fix it!".

This cow is older than I am, I think it's time to let it retire with dignity.
To which I reply "Sorry kid, time to get the teeny tiny rifle and put her out of her misery."  He just stared at me open mouthed for a second and then ran off to play some more.  CJ came back a while later saying "come on, wets go get gwue an' fix it!  I'm going a find the gwue."  So I brought the cow back to my house and fished out the super glue.

Try doing this with a real cow.
The procedure went well and Bessie is resting comfortably.  She's going to have to stay on bed rest, on top of my computer tower, until it heals completely.  I'm pretty sure this now qualifies me to veterinarian.

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