Monday, December 16, 2013

Photo Booth Ideas - Giveaway - Winners Announced

The winners of the gift cards are: Heather, Sarah, and Mindy.  Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll post the best photo booth shots on the blog in a few weeks.

Over the last few years I've seen photo booths cropping up with increasing frequency at parties.  Some are simply a photographer with a camera, backdrop, stool, and box of props.  Others are actual portable photo booths that give you the choice of leaving a video message or printing instant photo strips, and they give you editing options in the booth on a touch screen.

After participating in a few different photo booth, I'm ready to try setting up one of my own.  I'm going to be organizing a photo booth at my parents home for their annual family Christmas eve party next week.  I have my camera, tripod, a regular plain black photo backdrop, and a few props.

And now for the giveaway.  I need inspiration, and I'm willing to bribe you for it.  I have three $20 gift cards for some of my favorite local eateries (Herm's Inn, Jack's Pizza, and The Crepery) up for grabs.  All you have to do to be entered to win is answer the following question and leave your email address in the comments.  Winners will be randomly drawn from the comment section and notified via email on Friday December 20th.

My question to you, dear readers, is this: What would your top 5 props/accessories/backdrops for a family friendly holiday themed photo booth?  A santa hat, mistletoe, feather boas, a red nose, fake lips, Mr. Magoo glasses, reindeer antlers, jingle bells, false beards/mustaches, ugly Christmas sweaters, oversized tree ornaments, strings of lights.  What rings your bell when it comes to photo props?

PS - Don't live in Cache Valley but still want to leave suggestions?  You're welcome to comment and if you win you could always give the card to someone you know who does live close enough to use it.  Or just write DEM (don't enter me) at the top of your entry, that way you can leave your suggestions but you won't be entered into the gift card drawing.


Mindy said...

I would DIE for any of those gift cards! Craving Herm's now that you mentioned it! My top five for a hiliady themed booth would be:

+ Ugly Christmas Sweater
+ String of lights
+ Antlers + red nose
+ Santa hat + white beard
+ Large frame {then they can hold it up as if they are in the frame ... or you can hang it from the ceiling}. I think that would add to the photos taken!
+ Christmas colored balloons

Yeah, I offered six. What of it? ;)

Email is

The Suzzzz said...

Don't worry Mindy I won't penalize you for putting in extra, thanks!

Sarah Dana said...

Just did one of these at a party this last weekend. Top 5:

Mistletoe, Reindeer antlers (enough for a whole family), rudolf red nose (esp one that lights up), big fake present, and string of not-hot lights.

For backdrops: a cardboard box "frame" in wrapping paper works great to hold or just a wall of wrapping paper easy too (esp snowflakes).

And those are the top 3 restaurants I most want to try so I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Sarah Dana said...

And forgot but very, very popular--santa beard. Esp for the women;)

Adventures in Heywood said...

Those are already tons of awesome suggestions.....I dunno.... what about like a wrapped Christmas package you can wear? Like, tadah! I'm a present! I'm all out, my sugestion was going to be the lights thing santa hat thing, cuz that's what I did and it's far as I thought....haha...not very original. I love the ideas so far though!

Adventures in Heywood said...

Those are lots of great suggestions.... I didn't think beyond Santa/mrs santa hats and glasses and the string of lights to wear, cuz that's what I did.... jingle bells? Wearable present? Like, tadah I'm the gift! :-)

Heather said...

I like the idea for lights... depending on what look you are going for, you may be able to get some fun glares out fo the lights.. So with that, us a tree of sorts (even a charlie brown tree out of a tree branch may work) but you could do something like the cheap tree skirts for a more christmasy feminine look (can be held together with industrial safety pins in the back)...santa hats for the mr. & mrs.... maybe a bell necklace.... for the guys you may be able to know where to go for prob the DI... but look for one of those old limey (nasty) forest green blazers/holiday neck ties...

If there are children attending this event, I would say, make it easier and give them all little elfish like hats... and even maybe a gift to hold (keeps them kind of occupied while you are staging it, but you may want to have backups in case of unwrapping emergencies)

Also if you are looking for something to dress up the back drop... you could do something easy like snowflakes (w/holiday glitter even) or put some kind of strung popcorn up (or some kind of strung something or rather.. or if there is some sort of mountainy/snowy getaway looking back drop you could give your peeps options... or even hang ornaments on your back drop....

I'd say combine your ideas depending on how formal/not so formal it will be...

oh and you may want to grab some of your parents bar stools and a chair or two and have theme ready, and off to the side... to have some fun leveling/heights people... but I am sure you already are planning something like that...

Oh oh oh... ha ha... this may be hard... but you could see if you could have a "santa dummy" for any solo people, so you could have them "sitting on santa's lap" (or even a paid volunteer...although it may scare the kids (mom, "What happened to Santa, that is not the real Santa... he's not even talking")....

Wow I ramble a lot! Please do not use all of these ideas together or it could really turn in to the WT photo of Christmas '13 for peeps...Good luck!!

Rachel Fry said...

Boxing gloves to stage holiday family fights. :)
Fake Christmas tree and ax for the harvesting.
Fake holiday food (ham, pie, mashed potatoes) for a food fight.
Hat, scarf, fake coal to make snowmen.
Gingerbread house.

Sylvia said...

I've been to a few photobooths, and the ostentatious hats always seem to get picked! Given that, plus some other ideas I have, here are my five!

1. Bright-colored elf hat with attached ears
2. Horn-rimmed glasses (goes with Santa hat, ould add humor to other props)
3. Strings of lights and tinsel
4. Signs with prewritten sayings on them ("Ho Ho Ho!" "Merry Christmas!" "Jingle my Bells!") or use small chalkboards and let guests write their own.
5. A white, stylized mustache would be funny as an alternative to the common black photobooth mustache.

Rachel Fry said...

Gingerbread house.
Hat, scarf, coal to make yourself a snowman.
Fake holiday food (ham, pie, potatoes) for a food fight.
Boxing gloves for a family feud.
Fake tree and ax.