Tuesday, December 31, 2013

While I'm Catching Up...

Here are more photos of a movie night, sometime around Easter, that I tucked away and just found.  *sigh* If I were a squirrel I'd have my nut gathering and storing card revoked because I couldn't remember where I put them all.  Expect about another eleventy million catch up posts, because that's how I roll.  I meant to post these back when I posted this photo from the same night, but apparently I suck at remembering to post thing.

I love the light in these photos.  It was late afternoon, a rain storm was passing through the valley, and the evening sun was shining in the gap between the clouds and the Wellsville mountains, lighting everything in a soft golden hue.  It made everyone glow, I wish I could bottle that light and carry it around with me.

I also love that we ended up having more fun after the movie was over, than we did watching the movie (don't get me wrong, I liked Guardians, but we've never needed a tv to entertain our family).  It started out as a handsup standsup handstand competition. 

Which evolved into headstands and extreme yoga.


Which then morphed into wheelbarrow races.

That then ended in my niece confirming my suspicion that we're really related to hobbits.

What I don't love is how camera shy my older nieces are becoming.  They hide when the camera comes out.  I wish I could teach them to not be afraid of things that don't matter, like having your photo taken.  I wish I could show them how to be self aware and not self conscious.  I wish I could help them to realize how funny and beautiful and talented and kind they are.

I want to cut through all the adolescent red tape for them and hold an unfiltered mirror up before them that shows them the good...because life is too short to dwell on a pimple or a bad hair day or glasses or not getting asked out by the guy you like or not being one of the "cool" kids.  I wish they would listen and understand when I tell them that the coolest people I know were never "cool" kids, they are the people who have learned to love and embrace who they really are and don't care what other people think.

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