Thursday, January 02, 2014

2014 Ice Skating

The ice skating rink at Merlin Olsen Park officially opened today and you better believe I headed down there to take a few falls spins around the ice.  I brought along a few of my nieces, and we had a great time falling.

Don't trust that one in the middle she'll help you help you fall get back up after you fell...all on your own...without any "help" from anyone *coughtMayhemcough*.

They're ready to practice speed skating to get in the mood for the olympics.

My older sister, Deathy McDaredevil, stopped by to bring another niece to the rink.  She stuck around to take a few photos with my camera while I was skating with the girls.

Doing our ice capades impressions.

"Hey look I'm spinning..."
", nevermind, I was just um, yeah..."

If you're in Cache Valley, get downtown and get skating.  Entrance to the rink is free and open to the public, skates are available to rent at $3 a pair, they also have hot chocolate for sale.  Falling is free and frequent, skate at your own risk.

Remember, I only say I LIKE ice skating, notice I never say I'm actually GOOD at it.  Yeah, I'm going to feel that tomorrow.

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