Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's Like People Don't Trust Me - Or Something

The technicians at my day job received some chemical products that came with a couple of warning labels, but since we already have the warning signs from a previous shipment, they discarded new labels.  I saw them and asked my boss if I could have them.  This was his response.

A normal person would probably be offended, but really I'm sort of proud that he's learning.  One of the signs is going on the door that opens into the pool at my parents home.  The other sign is for Molly the Wonder Dog.

She probably wouldn't want me admitting this in public, but I think it's time we faced the truth.  She's got a bit of a drinking problem.  She's sort of a gremlin: Do not get wet, do not feed after midnight.


Voodoo said...

Your boss seems awesome!

The Suzzzz said...

He really is, as are all the other people that work there as well. I'm a lucky girl.