Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Not A Real Post

I don't really have anything new, interesting, or informative to share with you.  You've been warned.

I could share about how I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to get myself excited about cooking and baking again...but with the jobs and the winter duldrums I can't even be bothered to write a post about not being bothered to actually cook.  No, instead I just wanted to share this important video message about proper photo bombing.

I see that they neglected to list my 4 favorite styles of photo bombery.

The creeper:

The Zach Braff is in your wedding party, cause he's cool like that photobomb:

The stingray photo bomb:

And of course the Daniel Craig's Mustache photobombing a celebrity idiotic selfie with duckfaced friend:

One day I aspire to be photobombed by Tom Selleck's Mustache.  But that's probably a pipe dream since it's busy fighting crime on television again.  The sad part is that I can no longer waste time on my favorite time-suck website Selleck Waterfall Sandwich, since it apparently no longer has Selleck, waterfalls, or sandwiches.  It's a sad day my friends, a sad day indeed, so instead I'm practicing my "crazed fly fisherman".

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