Sunday, February 09, 2014

Put a tiara on it

And by "it" I mean me.

Remember how New Year's Eve happened?  Yeah NYE is not my favorite holiday.  This year was no different.

I was planning on hanging out with my family at my parents house, playing games, eating fondue, and being loud (we have no volume control, sorry people who have to spend extended amounts of time with my family).  Like I do every year, that means it's a tradition, can't break tradition.  But a few of my acquaintances felt the need to encourage me to go to the over 30 singles dance being held on NYE at a church here in town.

Let me explain something.  These dances are for 30+ but they really should be advertised as 30+++, because most of the attendees are, how can I put this delicately, um, of an advanced age.  So the poster should say 2 30+ and 60 60+ people hanging out in a church gym.  Not.My.Scene.

So there were a couple people telling me to go to this dance.  The theme was "Royals" (ps - Dear dance planners if the Lorde song was the inspiration for this, you didn't listen to the song) and they asked that you dress like a royal to attend.  What I told everyone who encouraged me to go was "Sorry, I'm fresh out of tiaras, but maybe next year."  And I thought that would be the end of it.

Then a small package from Amazon showed up on my doorstep.  Inside was a tiara.  No note, no indication who it was from, and thus far none of my friends have admitted to sending it to me.

Now I have a totally awesome tiara and no place to go.  So I'm going to wear it around the house with my sweats, just to make my housework a little more glamorous.  That's Ms. Laundry Queen to you.

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