Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Where'd January Go?

I could have sworn it was here a minute ago.  But that's OK because February has decided to pretend like January and just snow non-stop for a couple days at a time.  So there's that.  How was your January?  Good, glad to to hear it.  Mine?  Not bad, not bad.  I got some more snowshoeing in, and I even talked my nephew W into joining me on one hike last month.

That same day I had gone out early in the morning to get some photographs in the morning fog caused by the winter inversion.  It was so bright I couldn't get a good look at the images on my display so it wasn't until I got home and uploaded them that I found out that most of them had a GIANT piece of lint (and quite a few smaller pieces of lint as well) in the photo, like so...

So the only decent photos I got were when I switched to a different lens, but even then it had a weird dark spot in one corner of most of the images...

But I REALLY wanted to try and get some more images of the frost and fog that the inversion causes (the only upshot to a winter inversion), so I cleaned my lenses and went out again the next morning and got these.

And some of the photos STILL have lint on them, but at least it's not as obvious.

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