Sunday, March 23, 2014

Halloween - 2013

So the upshot to working several jobs is that you've got money to pay the bills, you're never bored, and you don't get all weird sitting home all day watching reality tv shows.  The downside is that you have very little "free" time and it usually is taken up by laundry or cleaning the house.  So when you have FREE free time you want to be out having fun, or in sleeping.  That leaves little time to get around to other things, oh, say editing and sorting photos. 

I have a backlog of a couple thousand photos that I haven't even looked at yet, just uploaded to the computer and "stuck a pin in it".  I've decided I need to do a little digital spring cleaning and actually sort the photos and edit the ones I want to keep.  In that vein, here are the photos of my mother's annual Halloween party from last year.

Aunt Marion's homemade donuts

My sister heather made zombie cupcakes.  The filling was brains that oozed blood, tasty and disgusting at the same time.
Pirates were popular this year.

I still have no idea what my nephew was supposed to be, but this is the creepiest baby photo of little D.
My dad holding little D.  She is his 14th grandchild.

This is probably my favorite photo from the evening.
Little Z, I know he was a pirate but every time I looked at him I thought he could be a Lost Boy from Peter Pan.
This apple bobber got a little unwanted help from his cousin...
...and ended up a little bit soaked.

Ninjas were also a popular costume, but when did they make the switch from black?  Maybe I'm old school but I like my ninjas to wear black, and I like my vampires to not sparkle. 

Enjoying his hard won apple and mastering the catch-a-ring-on-a-stick game...I hate that game.
Rawr, he's a lion.
Dorothy and her lion get in a little homemade plinko action.

That M&M is giving me side eye.
Even Ironman needs a little help sometimes.

Of course he returned the favor, he's cool like that.

He was very attached to his sword.

This kid, THIS KID!  She is always happy, and you should hear her sing.  She and I rocked out to Wrecking Ball in the car a couple months ago, my car singing skills were put to shame.

So an M&M, a ninja, and Ironman are on a pirate ship...there's a joke in there somewhere.
She was adorable but I still have no idea what her costume was

My cousin's daughter and her kids had the cutest Wizard of Oz costumes.

It was a perfect fall day and the leaves were falling.

All those leaves inspired leaf wars.

I got in on the action too.

Leaf wars some how morphed into "bury-eeweehaw"

...and then it rose from the deep...

My niece is gorgeous, yet she rarely lets me take her photo.  Sort of reminds me of that song "Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen" that says "But trust me, in 20 years you'll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can't grasp now how much possibility lay before you, and how fabulous you really looked."

After the party I went to the 10th West Scare House with some friends and they took this lovely photo of us.  Wide angle lenses taking photos at low angles are not my friends.

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