Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Busier than...

...a one armed paper hanger

...a one legged man in a butt kicking contest


*sigh*  Things have been good, yet extremely hectic of late.  I did want to check in and share a couple I took in a shop where I was doing some product photography for a local company lately.  The owner and creative genius behind the shop is not only an inventor, but an artist as well.  I want to go back to the workshop when I'm not so busy and just photograph for fun and not work sometime.

I'm really excited about his project, this organization system is not your daddy's pegboard or slatwall.  Check it out at z-ox.us
His shop was almost wall to wall metal, but even the mundane things were interesting to me.  I loved the color on this oil can.
He makes a lot of three dimensional and movement art pieces.  These frogs are designed to hang and swing from their perches.

He found this piece of agate and calls it "The Man In The Moon".

Speaking of seeing objects in the abstract...it's time for a little Rorschach test.  He and I saw the same type of image in stain and debris on his workshop floor.  No, it's not exactly Jesus on a grilled cheese sandwich or the blessed virgin on the side of a building, but a figure nonetheless.

There's something about her that reminds me of a cross between a woman from mid 19th century New Orleans, and a day of the dead skull.  But that's just me.  What do you see?

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