Friday, April 04, 2014

Gibbons Green Gate Farm Open House - Photos

Last Saturday was the open house to celebrate the opening of the Carriage House venue at Gibbons Green Gate Farm.  I posted about it last week, but I'm doing a recap, just in case you missed it.

If you aren't familiar with the farm, it is located in Southwest Smithfield and they raise cattle, chickens, and sheep.  In the summer they will offer a farm stand where you can buy beef, lamb, fresh eggs, bedding plants, and other offerings.  In addition to meat and produce, they have been working on opening up their property as an event venue.

They have a lovely little conservatory surrounded by an open yard bordered by poplars.  The recently opened Carriage House has a large dining room with tall windows overlooking the yard and farm.  It also has professional kitchen that I fell in love with.  When the weather warms up they will begin to put the finishing touches on the Residence Gardens on the South side of the property.  Each of the three gardens will have a distinct theme and they will also be available for events.

Jared Gibbons, his sister Rachel, and his parents are the driving force behind the farm and the new event venues.  They've been residents of Smithfield for over 30 years.  Jared has a degree in Horticulture from Utah State University.  Jared's father Tom Gibbons was raised in Logan, the son of Walter Gibbons who along with his brother Hyrum Gibbons, owned and ran Gibbons dairy for several decades.  Agriculture is in their blood and it's what they love.  They are proud to now be able to share the charm of their farm home experience.

Jared asked me to photograph the open house and I was only happy to oblige since I was already planning on attending.  They had samples of the beef and lamb raised on the farm, home made breads and cookies, as well as other refreshments.  The space was beautiful and comfortable, people lingered and the place was pleasantly crowded with old acquaintances catching up, and new acquaintances being made.  No one wanted to leave and some of use stayed much later than intended.

To learn more about Gibbons Green Gate Farm, book an event, reserve a table for their Easter weekend lamb dinner, buy meat, or to find out when the farm stand is going to open for the season...follow them on facebook and check out their website.

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