Saturday, May 31, 2014

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Outside of Utah I have never been on a large group date, double dates - yes, group dates - no.  Dating is practically a team sport here.  And group dates are different than group hangs, but they both tend to be awkward, which is fine cause I'm an awkward kind of person.

Tonight I was set up on a date by a friend of mine who organized the single biggest group date I have ever participated in.  And the great thing was that despite my misgivings, I actually had a good time.  My date picked me up and then we met the other couples at a local park.  There were approximately eleventy million other couples on this date.

We were paired off with another couple and handed a list of things we needed to get photographs of one or all of us doing.  The object was to complete as many of the photo ops on the list as we could and make it back to the meeting point within an hour.  And yes, there were prizes at stake here people.  Our team rushed off and promptly got lost trying to find the first item on the list.

We missed four items on the list but made it back just in the nick of time, and we lost, but hey we had a few laughs so it was all worth it.  Our missing photos were: take a photo holding a menu & restaurant napkin, take a photo in a pet store holding animals, take a photo under a public clock at a specific time, and take a photo with a mascot.  Here are our photo entries.

Take a photo with your date with our randomly assigned props:

One person in the group has their photo taken hugging a stranger.  I think we should have gotten triple points since I had three strangers hugging me:

Take a photo of the reflection all four people in the group in something other than a mirror:

Walk a strangers dog:

Take a photo of all four people on a slide:

Take a photo of a person jumping off a swing, person must be in mid air:

I hit the ground and landed on my butt then rolled, I still have playground bark in unmentionable places.  The things I do when going for the gold.
Get a picture of 2 members of the team hanging upside down:

Photo of all four members jumping with their feet off the ground at the same time:

Take a picture of the front page of today's local newspaper:

Take a photo with a toilet seat cover:

Don't judge.
Carry a strangers groceries for them:

Take a photo of all four team members drinking from straws out of the same beverage:

Yeah, I think we should have won.  What do you think?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

You know you want a pet yak

My boss has been telling me about his uncle that lives in Idaho and raises yaks.  Most of what I've heard sounded pretty far fetched, and I teased him that he was making it up.  Now I have journalistic proof that he's not telling tall tales.  I now also kind of want a pet yak, but then again, who doesn't?

Meet Makloud the house yak, yep, Mak the yak:

In other news I'm going to be working a ton this week and then I will be in Los Angeles from Friday until Tuesday night, so I won't be posting again on here again for a while.  Try not to miss me too much.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Calling all Kevin Smith fans...'re gonna want to hear this if you're within driving distance of Logan, UT.

You're welcome.


Tickets are now on sale.  So if you want to attend the live podcasts (yes, multiple) with the Netheads and Clerks director Kevin Smith just follow this link:  I've already got mine, see you there!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Get Set Go @ DRC

**Please note the parental advisory warning, a lot of these songs were beautiful little sugar coated razor blades of truth, and I loved all of them.  However, they probably aren't suitable for kids, work, or family friendly type activities.**
Tuesday night I went to a small concert at Death Ray Comics (you can see my post about the shop here).  The opening act was S.A. Bach, the headliner was Mike TV from the band Get Set Go.  I hadn't heard of either before the show, but Trent invited me and I trust all music, comic book, and movie recommendations that he chooses to throw my way.  Yet again that trust paid off.  I enjoyed both sets, ended up buying a lot of new cds, and I've been humming a few new earworms all week. 

The show had a laid back living room feel to it.  They started playing early (it is Utah on a Tuesday night after all) and they took requests for about 2 1/2 hours.  Even after the show was officially over everyone lingered over pizza and beverages.  There was hanging out, conversation, birthday singing, and jamming with fans.  Trent should have kicked us all out at midnight, but being the awesome guy that he is, he let us keep him up WAY too late/early.  Of course I took eleventy million photos and have completely lost the ability to self edit what I'm going to post to a tasteful handful, so here are roughly a quarter of the pictures I took that night (prepare yourself for photo fatigue).

Sebastian Bach

Mike TV

Trent slaving away during the show.  He also took some great photos, you can see them on the DRC tumbl or facebook pages.

Get Set Go fan Josh joined them on stage to help sing one of the songs.

I was taking photos of them, so I guess turnabout is fair play.
Hanging out after the show.  Heck I even joined in singing on one of the songs...but very quietly because we all know my singing can be categorized as cruel and unusual punishment.  That of course doesn't meant that I don't still rock out when I'm alone in my car or the shower.

And we'll end the night with a little PDA from these two PLPs.

PS - Get Set Go is scheduled to do another show here in Logan (yes little old Logan, UT) again at the end of July.  As soon as I know the details I'll post it here so you can come and rock out with them.