Thursday, May 01, 2014

Shimmering Sands Belly Dance - 2014 Sandstorm

Many moons ago I was a member of the USU Middle Eastern Dance Club, true story.  I took classes for several years and even performed in a couple of their annual shows.  USU eventually disbanded several clubs and at that time USUMED changed it's name to Shimmering Sands and took up its new home at the Whittier Center.  After that things got hectic in my life and I found that I no longer had time and money to spend on hobbies, participating in belly dance was one of the casualties of my budget war.

However, I still love middle eastern dance and attend every show I can.  Maybe one of these days when things slow down and I go back to only working 40 hours a week like a normal person, just maybe then I'll start taking classes again.  Until that day comes, I still plan on going to many of the shows Shimmering Sands puts on. 

If you would like to check out the troupe and what they are all about, they are hosting one of their annual shows next Friday, May 8th. Sandstorm is their annual Spring show and workshop.  You can buy tickets in advance at the Indian Oven for $12, or the night of the show at the door for $15.  You can register for the workshop on the Shimmering Sands website.

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