Friday, June 27, 2014


Today I got an unexpected and really awesome gift.  I just found out that Gaelic Storm is going to be playing a show at the Cache Valley Center For The Arts.  The gig is the second Friday in November, 11/14/14.  I expect to see you all there!

Don't know Gaelic Storm?  If you've seen the movie Titanic you've seen them in action.  They were the Irish band playing in the steerage/third class scene where Jack and Rose ditch the dinner party and end up dancing below decks.  Check out their website:

I haven't seen them live in years because they haven't been back to Utah on tour for a while.  Now they are playing a show at Kingsbury Hall in SLC on November 13th, the Cache Valley show on the 14th, and then a show in Idaho Falls on the 15th.  I was so excited when I found out that I was jumping up and down and squee-ing like a little girl just work.

Here's the official announcement:

You can buy tickets here:

Need more convincing?  Patrick punched Russell Crowe, then they wrote a song about it:

Now if only we could get someone to talk the good Dr. Wehmeyer into flying out to join them on stage for one night.  Hmmmm...

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