Thursday, August 14, 2014

On memories and friendship...

Lately I've been thinking about how I met my various friends, trying to remember the moment I met each of them, or if not the exact moment at least the point where I recognized that they were someone I wanted to spend time with.  Maybe it's because I work at a pest control company, but I've been thinking about one particular encounter a lot and it makes me smile every time it comes to mind.

A few years ago I was starting a new job.  I wasn't in a great state of mind or a good place in my life, but I was trying to make things better by putting my head down, working hard, and powering through it all.  I hadn't genuinely laughed or smiled a lot in a long time, and it was my first week at a new and intimidating job where I didn't really know anyone and I was overwhelmed with trying to learn the work.  Everyone at work had been polite and professional but had given me space, which was great and what I thought I needed. 

Then one day I'm in the bathroom at work, I come out of the stall and in rushes a woman who is frantically pulling off layers of clothing and dancing around like a crazy person right next to me.  She just stops, makes eye contact with me and says one work "Spider", laughs, puts her shirt and sweater back on and walks out with me as I exit.  No apologies or excuses and no embarrassment.  As we walk back to our desks she tells me one of the grossest true stories about spiders I've ever heard and I knew right then and there that we were going to be good friends.

As much as I love the job I have now and as much as I enjoy my co-workers, I miss working with her every single day.  It's funny what can grow out of a single moment.  What have been your most memorable encounters with new friends?  Or what was the moment or event that changed and acquaintance into a solid friendship?

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