Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Where Did July Go?

Seriously, it was just here a minute ago.  Sheesh.  It didn't even say goodbye, how rude.  What have I been up to?  Trying to play as hard as I work, and that has left very little time for blogging.  I recently got back from a weekend trip to Jackson Hole and those photos will be posted soon.

To tide you over I'll post a few photos taken this week.  A friend/former roommate of mine has moved back to Cache Valley from points South.  She purchased an old craftsman house up on temple hill and promptly started ripping the guts out of it...I've been helping.  In case you don't remember, I'm really fond of demolition, it's good for the body and the soul.  So I loaded up Ethyl and Rosie here and went to help rip out the walls and ceilings of the home..

One of the coolest parts of breaking down old houses is the weird stuff you find.  It's rarely hidden treasure but there is almost always something interesting discovered in the process.  This home was no exception.  Tonight while I was ripping out the hideous circa 1970s acoustic tile ceiling in the basement I found something special in between the floor joists.  In the immortal words of Eli McCann:

Twice up the barrel...

Once down the side.

Yep, I found a gun.  It was sealed up in an inaccessible spot and there would have been no easy way to get to it in an emergency, so it's not like someone thought "hey I'll put this under this loose floorboard so if someone breaks in I can get to it easily".  Nope it was walled up in there good and tight.  I'm glad it was one part of the ceiling that I didn't go in swinging like I had been or I would have brought the gun down on my head.

Can't wait to see what we find tomorrow, hopefully not a body to go along with the hidden gun.

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