Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kokanee Salmon - The 2014 edition

Tonight I took 2 of my nephews with me to the South end of Cache Valley to see the land-locked Kokanee salmon spawning upstream from Porcupine reservoir.  We drove past Porcupine dam up to Cinnamon Creek campground, then walked in to the creek area and wandered up the bank.  Every where we went we saw multitudes of salmon.  It does seem like they were larger and more prolific this year than they have in the past.  They spawning will probably last another couple weeks but I recommend getting down there quickly if you want to catch it at its peak.

We managed to catch one salmon leaping on video, but it happens in the first couple of seconds:

Afterwards we stopped at Johnny O's Spudnuts to grab some treats to take home with us.  While we were waiting in line I noticed the wallpaper pattern actually had words written in each square.  I think this one is a good example of most of the notes.  I'm not sure but would you call this bitter divorcee chic?  It seemed an odd choice for a donut shop.

Then I thought of the line from Chocolat "What's the decor?  Early Mexican brothel?" and I laughed. Ah, but who cares about wallpaper when there's donuts to be had?

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