Friday, October 10, 2014

Cache Valley Wishlist

Even though I am proponent of appreciating what you have, every once in a while I find myself saying "I wish Cache Valley had..." and it usually ends up being something like a hammam or a german restaurant or a park filled with hammocks instead of play equipment or a branch of Sanctuary Day Spa or a visit from the Bruges Waffles & Frites bus or a Betty Page store.

Since Zanavoo closed (yes I realize it has been YEARS) I've found myself saying "I wish someone would open up a great rustic restaurant in Logan Canyon".  And then last week this was published in the paper:

St. Anne's Retreat For Sale

Now I'm saying someone should buy that and turn the lodge into a restaurant and the rest of the compound into a B&B.  Anyone have any contacts at Anniversary Inn?  This property has so much potential and it would be so wonderful to have a great restaurant and/or B&B that was available to the public.  So who's got a million dollars they want to sink to buying and fixing up this place?  Don't be shy...

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