Friday, October 24, 2014

Election Season

November is almost here and that means it's election time again.

I normally avoid speaking about politics in public, but I wanted to speak about a local county political race that I feel very strongly about.  The following is my personal opinion in the race for the Cache County Treasurer's office.

I can NOT in good conscience vote for or recommend that anyone else vote for Craig McAllister for Cache county treasurer. When I worked in the loan department of a local financial institution he was one of the auto dealers that I worked directly with on a regular basis.  In my opinion he was NOT honest, detail-oriented, thorough with paperwork, trust-worthy, or good to work with in any way. I do not trust him at all and feel ill thinking that there is a possibility that he may be elected to be the county Treasurer.

Frankly I am appalled at the dismal voter turn out in the primary election and extremely disappointed that Denise Lindsey was not elected. Denise is honest, upstanding, extremely qualified, and a hard worker. She has worked in the Treasurer's office and was hands down THE MOST QUALIFIED CANDIDATE.  I officially endorse Tyler Pitcher and hope that if he is elected he would keep Denise Lindsey on as an employee of the Treasurer's office so that she can continue to do the wonderful job that she has always done there.

Regardless of who you support, I urge you to research the candidates and issues, so that you can make an informed decision.  Then please, Please, PLEASE get out and vote!  Exercise your privilege as an American citizen to have a voice in who leads us on a city, county, state, and federal level.

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