Thursday, October 30, 2014


So in case you missed it, I enjoy taking photographs (shocking I know).  What you may not know is that this little photography obsession of mine runs in the family.  My great grandfather bought the family's first camera about a hundred years ago.  My grandmother Margaret quickly learned to love taking photos, then she passed that love onto my father, who passed it on to me.

Photo by Louis C. Hickman, all rights reserved.
Recently my oldest sister and her children have taken on a labor of love.  Their are carefully scanning all the old negatives that my father has stored in negative binders, boxes, and folders.  This is an almost herculean task as there are hundreds, if not thousands, of negatives that my father has taken in his 92 years on this earth.  Not only are they scanning the negatives and converting them to digital images, they are then going through all the images with my father and documenting (as best as he can remember) who or what the photo is of and where and when it was taken.

Photo by Louis C. Hickman, all rights reserved.
I'm so grateful to my family for doing this project.  Recently some of the images that have been processed have caught me eye.  There is a series of airplane photographs that all appear to be taken close together, here at our small local airport.  I loved them so much that I wanted to get them printed and hung on the wall of my stairwell.  I knew immediately that I wanted these images printed on metal.  Metal prints are more costly than photo paper prints, but less pricey than canvas prints.  To me it's worth it because the metal prints come ready to hang on the mounting, mats, frame, or glass required, and they look really sharp.

Photo by Louis C. Hickman, all rights reserved
So I started by looking at the photo imaging sites that I use the most: My Publisher, Snapfish, Shutterfly, and Canvas On Demand.  None of them had metal print options in the sizes and dimensions that I wanted.  A fellow blogger referred me to and I found a HUGE variety of sizes and dimensions for metal printing, and was able to order exactly what I wanted.  My sister in law K also wanted a couple of the images printed as well so I was able to add 9 more prints to my order, so I have a total of 20 metal prints in 8x12 and 8x8 sizes, and the total shipping amount was only $5.92.  Seriously?  Seriously?!?  With shipping prices that low who needs to search the internet for free shipping coupons?  I placed my order today and I can't wait to see the finished prints, and show them to my father.  I've got a silver sharpie all ready so he can sign his works of art before they go up on the wall in my home. Once I've got the prints I promise I'll post photographs of the finished product and a review.

To see all the images I am printing, follow this link:

**This isn't a paid or promotional post, I was just so excited to find a company that offered exactly what I was looking for that I really wanted to share it in case any one else is looking for a new photo print service.**

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Karen M. Peterson said...

What an amazing project. And metal prints? How perfect!