Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Storm Photos

Last Friday night my friend Tavia and I drove to Brigham City to pick up my camera from another friend, before heading to the Old Barn Theatre to see their production of Steel Magnolias.  After grabbing the camera, we stopped to have dinner at the Idle Isle cafe in downtown Brigham City.  It is an interesting little cafe and I ended up trying their house specialty, hot stuffed rolls, which was so UTAH that I couldn't resist.  It is pot roast, cheddar cheese, and pickles served on three rhodes style rolls with fries a generous side of ranch dressing for dipping.

I would definitely eat at the Idle Isle again.  It is a fun little time warp of a restaurant and reminds me of the Bluebird in Logan (but without the chinese food offerings on the menu).

After we left the restaurant we were driving South on Main street and go to the intersection by the new LDS temple when I noticed the storm clouds rolling in.  I seem to have good timing with cool lighting and storm rolling in over temples, like this post.  I pulled the car over and jumped out with the camera to take a few photos, and this is what I got.

Then I hopped back in the car and we headed for the I-15 freeway.  As we were approaching the on ramp, Tavia pointed out another storm cell to the Northwest of us and I told her to grab my camera and take some photos.  These are the images she captured.

Tavia should steal my camera more often, I love the shots that she got!

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Mindy Owen said...

we went to the Idle Isle last night, and the service was so slow I wanted to scream. Their fries are still my all time favorite.