Thursday, October 16, 2014

You're Going To Get Sick Of Me

Or at least with my love affair with Autumn.  More photos from my fall meanderings.  This time it's apple picking.  The first set of photos were taking in my friend's orchard.  She's in California and couldn't be here to harvest her apples, so she let me and my friend Kelda pick some.  I even turned the camera over to Kelda and let her take a couple photos of me.

The second set was from apple picking in the orchard of my brother in law's parents with my nieces and nephews.  They sent the apples we picked to be pressed into cider and they ended up producing 147 gallons of cider.  I have 4 chilling in my fridge right now, it's going to be a long and delicious winter.

Apple Picking Part 1:

Apple Picking Part 2:


Rolled Up Pretty said...

I want to go pick apples!

Sabrina said...

Love your beautiful apple photos! Just fantastic.
Hope you are well.