Monday, November 10, 2014

Fun With Lightroom

Tonight was my last Lightroom class at the CVCA with Jesse Walker from Natural Designs Photography.  I've been really hesitant in digitally manipulating my photos, mostly because I'm a luddite.  I was a photo major at USU in the dark days of film photography and using software to retouch and do crazy things with images feels a little Jetsons-esque to me.  Mostly I've been focused on learning to retouch minor blemishes, do a little color correction, adjust the exposure, but I've stayed away from other more dramatic tools for fear of making something look too unnatural. 

Tonight I went a little more outside of my comfort zone and I got 2 final images that I really like.  These photos are from an impromptu shoot I was able to do this past Saturday in my parents pool with my friend Tavia as the model and my friend Kelda as my assistant and our MUA.  What do you think?

I had so much fun on this shoot and I love the images we got.  I'll post most of them as part of the Portrait Project series when I get the previous 9 shoots I've done edited and posted here.  One thing that was different about this weekend's shoot was that I got dressed up and let Kelda turn the camera on me, so that she can practice taking portraits.  Here are a couple of her shots.

I want to have Kelda do another photo shoot of me, and this time I want to break out some of my vintage dresses and do a 1970's themed shoot with my dad's 1971 Mercedes 450 SL.

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