Sunday, November 09, 2014

Portrait Project - Part 3

Since September I've been photographing at least one or two friends every weekend as part of my Portrait Project.  Since our last installment I have completed 10 shoots.  Chronologically speaking these photos are the second shoot that I've done since re-starting the project and they were shot the Saturday after Kelda's photos.

My friend Heather volunteered to let me style and photograph her.  We went back to my cabin at Birch Glen in Logan Canyon, and worked on 3 different looks.  I want to thank Heather for playing along with all my crazy requests, and I want to thank Kelda and Natalie for being being such great helpers!

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Heather said...

Suzanne… thank you again for making time to do pics with me before I moved… that was fun, and it is so neat to see everyone's pics you keep posting. You are so talented!! Wish you could just come over and we could have soup and chat tonight :) Miss you!