Monday, November 10, 2014

UnitPrints, you're my hero...

Remember my previous post about UnitPrints?  The metal prints arrived Friday afternoon and I was so pleased with each and every one of them!  Here's the run down on why I am so happy with my order.
  • Unlimited free cloud storage on their website
  • Easy ordering
  • Huge variety of mediums, finishes, dimensions, and sizes to choose from
  • Great clarity and print quality
  • Inexpensive shipping
  • Great packaging, everything arrived in pristine condition
Check out their website, and follow them on twitter or facebook to get the news on all the latest sales and special offers.  Here are some photos of my order:

Molly the Wonder Dog was waiting by the back door when I came home the day the prints were delivered.  Now she hangs out by them any time I leave them where she can see them.
I had my dad sign all the prints with a silver sharpie.  I think his signature looks really sharp, and he was so pleased with the photos and that I wanted to hang them in my home.

The only teeny, tiny, little issue that I found was that this print below (the high contrast shot of the airplane prop) had the 3M strips applied on the back as if I was going to hang the image landscape oriented, but the print is in fact portrait oriented.

I had dad sign it at the bottom right corner, if I'd hung it the way they had the strips placed his signature would have ended up in the upper right corner.

So I simply added another 3M velcro strip to the back of the photo at the top, and now it's ready to hang.  No big deal.

The most difficult part of this whole process is going to be hanging the prints on my wall.  Which glutton for punishment, uh, I mean which dear friend wants to help me hang these up?

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