Monday, April 28, 2014

Hello Monday, Here We Go Again

Quick, name that song.

Spring has been hectic for me and frankly I've lost some blogging mojo lately, so that combination is why I've been a blog slacker as of late.  I try not to go completely AWOL, but honestly on my list of priorities blogging is like #3,652, but it's still on the list.  So in honor of trying to not let the blog completely wither and die, here's something to start the week off. 

It's Mondays, I hate Mondays, you hate Mondays, Garfield hates Mondays...we get it...poor Mondays don't get any love.  Can we give Monday some love?  Tell me your favorite thing about Mondays, or tell me your favorite thing about today so far.  Then tell me what you're looking forward to the most this week.

My favorite thing about Mondays is feeling like I'm getting a do-over from the previous week.  Whatever happened last week, that's in the past, and I have the opportunity to do everything better this week, (even if I FUBAR it again, it still has potential and potential is a beautiful thing.

My favorite thing about this particular Monday is that I got to sleep in until 6:30AM, for a Monday that's LATE.

The thing I'm most looking forward to this week is the return of warm dry weather which will hopefully allow me to get a hike in this weekend, and maybe if I'm really lucky, a campfire with friends at the cabin this weekend.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

2014 USU Ceramics Spring Sale

The temperatures are warming up, trees are blooming, I think Spring has officially sprung.  With spring comes the annual USU Ceramics Guild Mother's Day sale.  Today, Friday, and Saturday they will be holding the sale in the USU Fine Arts Building, room 123 (the ceramics studio).  Stop by to pick up some beautiful and functional mugs, plates, cups, bowls, tureens, pitchers, teapots, platters, and more.

PS - I promise I won't tell your mom if you happen to buy something for yourself as well.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sweetly Divine

I know I harp on a lot about local restaurants, but it's because they are important to a community's identity and economy.  There are so many great independent restaurants in Logan...and there are so many closed restaurants that I really loved that didn't have the support of a national corporation.

One of the local eateries that I really want to survive and thrive is Sweetly Divine.  I've talked about them a lot, but it's because this place is such a gem!  Great lunch and dinner options, beautiful and tasty pastries, warm and friendly service...not to mention that it has tons of parking and close proximity to the North end shopping area.

I've been working a lot lately...between the busy season at my day job, my massage clients, and the other odd jobs I have, I've been working 60-80 hours a week for the last 2 months.  I don't always have time to stop and fix myself something, so I've been eating out more.  Today Mark at Sweetly Divine was making his Polish pierogis and Borscht.  I really wanted some but between all my obligations I couldn't get in early to get some before it was gone, but Mark saved the last serving for me.  I'll take small, caring, and independent over massive and impersonal any day.  THANKS MARK!

Dust Off Tour

Every Spring the Cache Valley chapter of the VMCCA gets together for their annual "Dust Off" tour.  It is a great excuse for vintage car owners to shine up their favorite ride and meet up for a mini tour of our valley and a good lunch with like minded car lovers.  This year the tour was held last Saturday.  My father is a member of the club and since he no longer has a drivers license, he asked me to be his chauffeur for the day.  There were 3 stops along the way and I took approximately 3 million photos.

My father and I stopped by his friend's house before the tour.  His friend, Bob, is a mechanic and used to own the Autocare shop in downtown Logan, near where the Logan Library is now.  Bob has helped care for and sometimes resurrect my fathers vintage vehicles since before I was born.  What Bob doesn't know about old cars isn't worth knowing.  He has quite the fleet himself and had two of his sons and a son in lawn out cleaning up a few of the cars when we arrived.

Everyone from the club started to trickle into the meeting point at around 9am.  Donuts and juice and old cars, not a bad way to start the morning.

The meeting point was Sam's garage...and by garage I mean museum full of classic vehicles that he collects and restores, as well as a grundle of interesting memorabilia.

This station wagon once belongs to Bob the mechanic and his wife Virginia, they were delighted to see it again and it was fun to hear them talk about piling all their kids in it and going on road trips.

Excuse me while I have a Steve McQueen fix...

Back to our regularly scheduled tour of Sam's GarageMuseumHappyPlace...

Dad and Bob Chatting, right before Bob realized what was behind him.  No, not the car, that OfficeCubicleThingie...

That little office space was the office from inside Bob's shop.  His wife Virginia ran the office for him.  Sam found it somewhere and hauled it back to his ShopStorageShedShowroom to be restored.  Bob and Virginia and their boys had no idea it was here.

For some reason I thought of a sports coach, and not a horseless carriage type coach, when I read this.  In my head I heard "OK, you're going to remember to pack tissues, don't let the eulogy run too long, remember to..." Yes, I'm weird, I know.





...lounging like a boss.

Our second stop was at another impressive collection.  This time it was coin operated machines and mid-century memorabilia, everything from jukeboxes to gambling devices to arcade games to televisions.  The collector is retired and travels the country going to auctions.  He brings his finds back home and restores them in his shop.  It was interesting to listen to him speak, and a lot of fun to play some of the machines.  His home was right up against the Wellsville Mountains and the setting was gorgeous.

There was plenty of change laying around so we could play all the games.

My fortune from Esmerelda.

Seriously so cute.

Our next stop was at a historic home, also in the shadow of the Wellsville mountains.  We listened to the owner speak about the history of the house outside and then he took us in to show us around and chat a bit more.

I looked out the window and smiled.  The cars attract photographers like flowers attract bees.

Then we met The Goat.  And I named him Morgan the Goat (name that movie).  I'm sure Morgan already had a name, but he wasn't about to tell us.  He kept trying to head butt or nibble on anyone who got close.

Our final stop was the old Logan train station, now a Mexican restaurant.  Several members of the club talked about the history of the building outside, then we adjourned inside for lunch.

 Are you now suffering photo fatigue?  No worries, I only have two more words for you.