Saturday, November 15, 2014

Gaelic Storm in Logan, Ut - Photos

They came, the played, they conquered.  And maybe, just maybe, they will return. 

I brought several friends as well as my younger sister and her two oldest kids.  I was a little worried that the crowd might be too reserved (this is Logan, we tend to have low energy output at shows), but the music was brilliant and the craic was mighty and the Logan crowd warmed up.

I took photos during the second half of the show.  The number of photos posted may seem like overkill, but considering I just sorted through over 640 frames to narrow it down to these, I think I'm doing OK.  So put on your favorite GS album, scroll through the photos, and enjoy!


The next few photos are of Patrick and Twigger explaining the song Darcy's Donkey.  They were also instructing the crowd on the various ways to do "The Donkey", after which they pulled a couple audience members up on stage to have a Donkey-Off.  Go find the song on Youtube and listen to it, the photos will make more sense.

He's Logan but he's not from Logan, he's from Tooele, and the kid is a rock star.
She's from Providence "Not Rhode Island" Utah.

At the end of the night my friend Estee got her program signed by the band.  I told her I'd give her $20 if she asked them to sign the random IHC/Logan Regional Hospital advertisement.  And this is what she got (I owe her $20):