Saturday, January 03, 2015

Ringing in the New

A good friend of mine is an ordained interfaith minister who offers her services as a wedding officiant for those seeking a non-denominational wedding ceremony.  If you are interested in Kassie's services you can learn more by visiting her website here.

Kassie was preparing earlier this week to wed a young couple on New Years Eve when she learned that they still needed a venue to be wed in.  She reached out to her friends online for ideas for a free and small wedding venue.  My family owns office space downtown.  In that space is a closing room that I thought might work for the occasion so I offered it to the bride and groom and they accepted.

On NYE I showed up a couple hours before the ceremony to set up the room for the ceremony, decorate a little bit, and make things ready.  I found out that they weren't going to have any flowers or a photographer, so I slipped out and grabbed my camera and a few flowers from Lee's which we repurposed into a bridal bouquet, decorations, and petals for the aisle.

The ceremony was simple, sweet, and lovely.  After the bride and groom along with their guests had departed to celebrate, I simply blew out the candles and went home.  The next day the clean up only took 20 that's my kind of wedding.  Thanks to A and K for letting me photograph their ceremony.  I wish them a long life of happiness together.

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