Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Monthly Photo Challenge

I decided to start an online photo challenge group on Facebook.  The idea is to pick one subject, theme, or technique to work on for each month.  Everyone in the group takes the selected theme and then tries to take a photo or series of photos based on it, then upload it to the group and we have a discussion about all the images in the group gallery  The main goal of the group was stimulate conversation about creativity and to get people out actively engaging in art in their daily lives, versus procrastinating "I had this great idea for a photo but I'm too busy with xyz..."

The theme from last month was "Everyday Objects", where the assignment was to take an ordinary every day item and make it shine in a photograph.  The assignment this month was "Read to Me" and here is the description I put up in the group.
FEBRUARY'S CHALLENGE: Read to me. Pick a book and make an image of that book or an image that interprets that book. Is it your favorite book? A book you hate? The most recent book you read? Show us the book and be creative. I'm stealing this theme from an article in the local paper:
 I selected the most recent book that I had finished reading.  The book was "The Art of Asking: How I Stopped Worrying and Let People Help" by Amanda Palmer, based on this phenomenal TED talk she did in 2013.

So inspired by the talk and the book I started to work on ideas for a photo.  My first thought was to do an homage to the Eight-Food Bride but have her holding the book in her left arm and holding aloft a plate of donuts in her right arm (a la the statue of liberty) and a sash that said "Take The Donuts!", but as I scoped out the local thrift shops I couldn't find anything that would work for what I had in mind, so I changed tactics.  Here are a few of my images inspired by the book.