Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Newton Market - Pizza

Ask anyone in Cache Valley where Newton is and they will probably give a vague wave of the hand towards the Northwest end of the valley and say something like "Out West of Smithfield, sort of by Clarkston".  If you ask them what there is to do you'll probably get a blank stare...and you'll probably get that same stare if you ask there if there's any place to eat there.  However, there is a pretty darn good pizza restaurant tucked away inside the quaint town market.

In high school I had friends from that town and spent quite a bit of time out there.  Recently my cousin's daughter, "C" and her young family moved to Newton and I made plans to meet at the market for pizza with her two kids.  C had told me that they really liked the pizza and I was excited to try it.

We ordered the BBQ chicken pizza, the alfredo chicken pizza, and an order of cheese bread.  Pizzas come in one size only and that size is HUGE.  A single pizza is enough to feed 8 adults, I was eating leftovers for a week!  The crust is thick and fluffy, the toppings are generous.  I enjoyed everything we tried and will definitely be back again.

The market is a cross between a good old fashioned corner store, antique shop, and restaurant.  Casual and low-key, but that was great for us with two small children in tow.  Most of the pizza orders are made to go, but they do have a couple tables and chairs if you want to dine in, as well as a big screen tv for catching the latest game.  You order and pay at the counter and they bring it out to you.

You can follow Newton Market on facebook.  The facebook page has their contact information, hours, and they post notifications about any special items available that day.

Cheese bread and dipping sauce.
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Chicken Alfredo Pizza

We had popsicles for February.

The Candy section.

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JoLynne Lyon said...

Love the market. Must try the pizza.