Thursday, November 26, 2015

Portrait Project - Part 6

My friend Megan was another volunteer for my portrait project.  She said she wanted to try a lifestyle type shoot showing her in her home and at work.  She loves to cook so we mostly focused on her kitchen at home.

She's a marriage and family therapist specializing in play therapy for kids, so we photographed her setting up the play area, as well as in her office.  I appreciate Natalie from part 5 stepping in as assistant on this shoot, especially since it meant having to get up very early on a beautiful October Saturday morning.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Portrait Project - Part 5

The next shoot in the portrait series took place on a cold and rainy September day.  Natalie was ready to try anything and such a gorgeous model!  My thanks go to Kelda, Sandi, and Spencer for help with makeup, assisting, and location.  We may or may not have stopped for a break and waffles, just saying...

Natalie told me she wanted to try a glamorous look, casual fun look, and tough look.  The first two we did at a church near her home and the last one did in the home of a friend who was in the process of remodeling.  I hope you enjoy the final images.

I wanted to make at least one of these "Rosie" homage photos look like an old faded photograph found in a shoebox somewhere, this was my attempt at that.