Sunday, January 24, 2016

Portrait Project - Part 11

This is the third to last installment of the portrait project from 2014.  My friend Katrina volunteered for the project.  When I asked her what she was looking for she immediately responded with "head shots!" and "HATS!". 

I transformed my massage therapy room into a mini portrait studio.  There was one small problem...the studio lights and soft boxes I was going to borrow from my brother didn't make it in time, so all I had to shoot with was the light from one window and a reflector.  With the help of a couple of friends, one of whom you'll see in part 13 (the final installment), we had a raucous and successful Saturday morning session in my house.


I don't know how it happens but the subjects always end up trying to find a way of insisting the camera on me.

Not only did I know we were going to get some truly epic photos, I knew without a doubt that we were going to have fun.  Katrina is not only lovely to look at, she's also incredibly warm, funny, bright, and talented.  Katrina in an opera singer and aspiring actress, so of course we had to throw in a Wagner reference.

And I would like to state for the record that my ravings about how much fun we had are absolutely colored by the fact that Katrina brought me fresh, hot, buttered biscuits that she had made fresh from scratch that morning.  Fresh homemade biscuits = Happy photographer.  Here are some of my favorite shots.

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