Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sheldon's Quest for World Domination - A Reboot (of sorts)

You may (or may not, no judgment here) remember Sheldon's Quest for World Domination.  Sheldon has been to Times Square, Jerusalem, and archaeology dig in the Israeli desert, Caesarea, Jordan, Las Vegas, and Minneapolis.  Our last communication from him was from somewhere near the MSP airport.  Either he's lost in the wilds of Minnesota, or he was getting on a plane to parts unknown.  I've done my best to find him but it's a mystery, so a friend of mine (thanks Erika!) has called in a Sheldon expert to help us track him down.  Meet Amy Farrah Fowler.

Amy is just as worried as we are, so with the help of my friends, Amy and I are going on another quest to locate Sheldon and try and talk him into coming home.  I will post photos of Amy's adventures along the way, as well as any and all correspondence from her and hopefully eventually from Sheldon.

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