Monday, September 12, 2016

Portrait Project Part 13

This is the next and final installment in the portrait project that I started over three years ago with this post.  I originally thought I would try to do one session a week for 6 months.  But then life got in the way.  I got back to practicing photography and processing photos...and then life got in the way again.  Now, approximately 3 year and 3 months later here is the 13th session.

Tavia is awesome.  There I said it, I can't take it back, she's freakin' awesome.  She is a good sport and was willing to do almost anything I asked her to, up to and including jumping in a freezing cold pool wearing a ball gown (I didn't know the water heater for the pool was broken) and have us pour more cold water over her.  I also learned that shooting in and around a pool is really challenging.  It's been 2 years since we took these photos and I would love to try this again, the only problem with that is earlier this summer I fell into the creek at Spring Hollow and accidentally drowned my camera and it's now completely dead.  All I've got to shoot with is my phone camera at the moment.

So take a look at Tavia's portraits, I only wish you could have as much fun viewing them as we had taking them.  Enjoy!

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