Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Be Smart

You know I rarely mention politics here.  Today, after several ridiculous exchanges with a very poorly informed person, I feel like I need to publicly share my thoughts on the subject of the current rumors about WW3 and our political process.  Because of our great country and it's constitution I am free to speak my mind.  You, of course, are equally free to read it, or not read it.  It's up to you.

Please don't panic and go about fear-mongering. The 22nd amendment prevents the president from serving more than 2 four year terms. Contrary to what people are saying (i.e. fake news sites, far right wing pundits, and your ignorant neighbor/friend/coworker/family member) there is no law stating that if the president declares war that he gets to/has to stay in office for two more years no matter what.

The only way President Obama could stay in office is if he or congress declares martial law. And he could only maintain that if there was no challenge from the military courts. The chances of that happening are slim to none. In fact in the history of our country national martial law was only declared once by a sitting president and that was during the civil war. Congress has never declared national martial law. 

We have held elections during world and civil wars. The inauguration will go on as usual (unless someone assassinates Trump before then, which given the current state of world politics is a possibility, but an unlikely one).

Oh and for the record, the Russian ambassador was NOT the modern equivalent of the Archduke Ferdinand and it is highly unlikely that his assassination will start WW3. He was a disposable mid-level diplomat assassinated by a young off duty police officer with Syrian sympathies. Russia knows this was not sanctioned by the Turkish government.

So for the love of all that's holy please stop. Just stop. Stop spreading unfounded rumors. Stop spreading fiction dressed up as fact. Please, please, please fact check from a reliable source before spouting off. Trust me on this, your hair stylist, cousin, boss, fedex guy, etc is probably not a constitutional scholar. Get all the facts, not just the sensational and probably made up headlines. Our constitution has been carefully crafted to make it very difficult for our leaders to flaunt the rule of law. Trust in the system, trust in the decency of the people of our country. Educate yourself.  Don't believe me?  Contact your nearest university and ask to be patched through to the Political Science Department.  Thanks.

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