Thursday, December 15, 2016

European Odyssey - Part 7-ish, A Sheldon Update...of sorts...

I need to post this addendum, of sorts, to the travelogue I just finished posting.  While we were in Europe a couple of our friends who weren't familiar with Sheldon's travels decided they were going to find a Sheldon and send him searching for Amy. 

Every day new photos would appear in our facebook feed.  As you can see in the photos the day after we left on our trip it snowed in Logan, more than a foot of snow in some places, which made us extremely happy with the spring weather we got for most of our trip.  Sheldon visited our friends, local landmarks, and even one of the offices that I work at sometimes.  In hindsight I'm incredibly glad they decided to have him visit my dad's coke collection at his office.  Since dad passed away earlier this year most of the coke collection has been cleared out and given away.

I've decided since the real Sheldon seems to be truly lost, that I should declare him dead and send this new Sheldon 2.0 adventuring in his place, maybe with Amy this time around.  What do you think?

This afternoon, Sheldon looked around and realized that Amy Farrah Fowler was gone from her spot (it's only been six days since she left).  So he headed off the shelf...

...down the chair...

...out the door...

...and into the snow.

He stopped by the gym for some self-reflection, but he couldn't find her there.

He looked for her at their favorite gelato place, but she wasn't there. Meanwhile, he wrung his hands while violating several health codes

Then he repeated the process at the nearby Maverick. No luck.

He took a small detour...

...and waited among the tithing slips...

 ...while M. had a meeting with the bishop, who let her take this picture, but didn't realize he'd be in it.

 He searched for her on the basketball court... the ice rink...

 ...under a pile of snow...

...and in a tiny British "phone box."

Well in his defense we were in London for a couple hours, he wasn't far off.
"Amy Farrah Fowler, are you in this disturbingly dark fish tank?"

I sort of hoped we'd see him jump in with some snorkel gear on.  That particular fishtank really IS disturbingly dark.
"Maybe I'll be able to see you from here."

"Or here."

One of Sheldon's travel companions.
"I'm pretty sure you're not in here." He's beginning to worry.  To be continued...

 Sheldon finds himself searching for AFF among the llamas...

...on the treadmill... pursuit of dinner...

...and near a roaring fire. To no avail.

 Amy Farrah Fowler, Sheldon is waiting to make you a True Aggie!

At a complete loss for what to do, Sheldon regroups in a familiar place.  Is he feeling human emotions?

He must be getting closer!

Liege waffles at The Waffle Iron, now he was DEFINITELY on the right track.
Maybe if he waits here, she'll find him.


Silly Sheldon, that's not Amy.
Where are you?

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